The name given to one battle tested by fate when he lives life displaying, Resilience, Fortitude, Perseverance and Ambition


Coming From Where I'm From


Coming From Where I'm From is a literary journey chronicling the turbulent life of Rayshawn Wilson. Have a seat at the window of his memory as he recalls his experience as a child being raised by the streets while helplessly watching his mother battle with drug addiction. Through candid storytelling, Rayshawn shares his experiences as a child growing up in housing projects during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic. As a teenager, after being placed in multiple group homes and foster homes, he is caught up in the hustling lifestyle and soon finds himself in a courtroom pleading guilty to a crime that he didn't commit. While incarcerated, he is forced to face the skeletons of his past before he can begin on his path to redemption.

Coming From Where I'm From is a compilation of pain, resilience, struggle and forgiveness of himself, and others. It is an inspiring story of a man that learns valuable life lessons as he migrates along his personal trail of heartache. It is the story of a man that turns countless tear-filled sleepless nights into fuel and motivation to create a better life for himself. This story reaches across cultural norms and demographics and speaks to everyone’s spirit of tenacity and triumph while overcoming insurmountable odds.